Blood, Blade and Thruster Magazine

Publisher: BBT Publishing

Established: August 2006

Frequency: 6-8 times per year

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: A magazine of Speculative Fiction and Satire

Editor(s): Lucien Spelman, Bill Kennedy-Smith

Needs: This is a publication of speculative fiction with a slant to the satirical; works of horror, fantasy, and science fiction, some of which may convey a self-deprecating or humorous view of the genre._x000D_ We are looking for fiction, illustrations, articles, and reviews of genre publications._x000D_ Keep in mind it is not our goal to attack or ridicule, but to occasionally provide a light-hearted view of the various genres and/or the followers they gather. At the same time, we don't want to lose sight of serious short fiction, and welcome those submissions as well. Our target readership is of age, therefore adult themes are welcome within the realm of good taste. We understand that good taste is a subjective mistress, and we fully intended to tread on her vague borders now and then, but we are not looking for work that is arbitrarily abusive. _x000D_

_x000D_ As stated above, any works relating to horror, fantasy, or science fiction are applicable in the form of short stories (length not to exceed 10,000 words), poetry, articles, or reviews._x000D_ Reviews and articles may include extensions into the genres including: gaming, books, comic books/graphic novels, art, music, and movies.

Length: up to 10,000 words <5,000 preferred

Rights: Blood, Blade, and Thruster is published as a print magazine with excerpts on the internet as well. Therefore, we will contract with the author to secure rights for non-exclusive electronic and one-time print rights.

Payment: Payment is 1/2 cent per word and one .PDF contributor copy for text, $25 & one .PDF copy for cover art, and for illustrations, $5-10 (to be determined by editors) & one .PDF copy. Page 5 Girl and NOTQ, receive a website link of their choice, and one .PDF copy

Tips: Think

How to Submit: send ONLY attached RTF files in proper manuscript format or small JPGS (For art and illustrations) to:

Response Time: 4-10 weeks

Guidelines Url:

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