Inspirations (a section of the webzine Moondance)

Publisher: Loretta Kemsley

Established: 1996

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Moondance has grown far beyond the original dream of celebrating the feminine spirit, and has become a unique forum of creativity and expression for both aspiring and established writers and artists.

Editor(s): Erin Stanley

Needs: Inspirations articles would include motivational, spiritual, religious, and philosophic pieces which women of all beliefs would enjoy. Submissions to this section should include "Inspirations" in the subject line, with the title of your work. Submissions for this section should be sent to

Length: open

Rights: Moondance accepts previously published pieces when the author owns the copyright. We ask for all rights until the next edition is released and nonexclusive archival rights for as long as that edition is in our archives. Therefore, we retain rights for a t

Tips: All submissions must cover a topic or theme that is relevant and sensitive to issues concerning women. However, female authorship is not a prerequisite. We welcome the creative input of men also, believing that balance is necessary in all things. Please note that, while all editions do have a theme, topics are not required to be limited to that subject. Variety is welcomed._x000D_ _x000D_ We encourage writers of all ages and experience levels to consider submitting their work to Moondance in the appropriate sections. While age is not a consideration for or barrier to acceptance, we do require all contributors under the age of eighteen to obtain parental permission prior to publication.

How to Submit: Submissions for this section should be sent to Due to the risk of viruses, attachments will not be opened. If you have sent an attachment, please resend per the submission guideline instructions. All submissions must be contained within the body of the email.

Response Time: Selections are made at the time of the deadline, and all authors will be notified shortly thereafter.

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