Publisher: Max Hartshorne

Established: 2000

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL: http://www.gonomad.com

Description: GoNomad.com is the alternative travel guide with features, directories and lots of information on travel. We publish articles, photos and travelogues aimed at providing information on alternative travel, volunteering, eco-tourism, responsible travel.

Editor(s): Max Hartshorne

Needs: Practical articles on alternative travel and unique destinations. Guides, especially written by locals, to intriguing places around the world. Photos crucial, we publish galleries and also include sound clips (mp3s). We want articles that inspire, provide good information, and are written in our style. Feel free to query or submit articles to us by email. We are open to your ideas and will work with you to get it just right.

Length: 1000 words or less.

Rights: One time electronic rights. Permanent archive rights. We also accept reprints if they have run in other newspapers,($25 for these) but don't want multiple simultaneous submissions.

Payment: $25-50 for features if accompanied by photos.

Tips: Go to the website, read what we've got there now. Write a destionation story about some place you've been, or about where you live. Include photos and make it professional and easy to edit.

How to Submit: query and then send us the story as an MS word attachment or paste it into email

Response Time: 1-2 weeks. All correspondence will be answered by the editor. We care about writers and respect them enough to reply, whether we use the story or not.

Guidelines Url: http://www.gonomad.com/corp/writerguidelines.htm

Address: 9 Mountain Rd. P.O. Box 4 South Deerfield MA 01373 US

This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2002-06-10