Publisher: Creative Guy Publishing

Established: 2001

Frequency: Fluid

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL: http://www.the-swamp.net/ahop.html

Description: You don't have to be dead to eat here, but it helps. Think Black Adder and Beetlejuice for breakfast.

Editor(s): Pete S. Allen

Needs: AHOP (aka Amityville House of Pancakes) is where the silly, the Monty Python-esque, the tacky, the odd and the downright strange stories live. You have to see it to believe it. We suggest you take a peek before you submit.

Length: Open.

Rights: You own anything you write, from the second it is on paper (or in the computer) but when it appears for publication, you are essentially leasing the copyright to the publisher - exclusively, for a period. Here's the rights I get to your story -- electroni

Payment: Author bio and weblink.

Tips: Be silly. Be satirical. Be strange. We like strange.

How to Submit: Please submit from the Swamp or AHOP website.

Response Time: One month.

Guidelines Url: http://www.the-swamp.net/ahop.html

Address: 8-1116 Pendrell Street Vancouver BC V6E1L Canada

This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2003-06-10