Champagne Shivers Magazine

Publisher: Champagne Productions & Promartian Publications

Established: 2002

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Champagne Shivers is a classy new online horror magazine published quarterly.

Editor(s): Cathy Buburuz

Needs: Champagne Shivers, a new quarterly online horror magazine scheduled to debut on April l, 2002, will showcase the work of poets, fiction writers, cartoonists, photographers and artists with the ability to inspire shivers in readers and viewers. The most significant challenge for potential contributors is to inspire those chills with work done in good taste. Yes, I want scary stuff, but I don't want anything that falls short of eloquent and poetic language.

Length: See Above

Rights: I prefer First Rights but will consider work previously published in print magazines if the creator offers detailed information on when and where the work first appeared. All rights revert back to the creators three months after publication.

Payment: Payment is $5.00 in American cash for each contribution (Fiction, Poetry, Demented Nursery Rhymes, Art, Photos, Cartoons, Columns, and Special Features)_x000D_ Plus there are prizes awarded to the creator of the best contribution in each issue.

Tips: I want horror that is thought provoking, unique, eloquent, bizarre, poetic, or psychological in nature. You can increase your odds for acceptance by reading my guidelines and rules for submissions. I'm open all year round to celebrity interviews with photos or articles about horror celebrities with photos. Read the magazine and design a new special feature of your choice.

How to Submit: See Above

Response Time: The majority of submissions are responded to within a couple of days.

Guidelines Url:

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