Filly Magazine

Publisher: Objetar Media

Established: 2001

Description: Bimonthly, full-color glossy magazine for horse-loving girls aged 8-14. Filly Magazine is designed to entertain and educate girls who work with and want to read about horses.

Editor(s): Tamara L. Downs

Needs: Nonfiction: Interviews (with girls of exceptional success in or contribution to the horse world, equine experts, career horsewomen); how-to (horse care, riding instruction, training, etc); humor; historical/nostalgic (use of horses in other times and places); general interest for young horsewomen. Buys 18-24 mss per year. Query or send complete manuscript. Articles with photos will be given special consideration._x000D_

_x000D_ Fiction: Adventure, historical, humorous, fantasy/myth, mystery, suspense. Must be horse related. Buys 6-9 mss per year. Send complete manuscript. _x000D_

_x000D_ Poetry: Free and light verse, traditional, cultural. Send 6 poems maximum. _x000D_

_x000D_ Columns/Departments: Blue-Ribbon features a girl whose efforts help horses or other people through interaction with horses (75-150 words); Nosebag offers book and product reviews (75 words); craft/cooking/quizzes/activities. Send complete manuscript with photos or illustrations if needed.

Length: Non-fiction: 500-1500 words
_x000D_ Fiction: 1000-2000 words_x000D_

Rights: First rights for manuscripts, one-time writes for photos.

Payment: Non-fiction and Fiction: 3 cents/word
_x000D_ Poetry: $15/poem
_x000D_ Columns/Departments: $10-30
_x000D_ Photos: $5-$15
_x000D_ Illustrations: $10-20 or per assignment

Tips: Filly Magazine is 80% freelance written, and almost all areas are open to freelancers. We welcome new writers and select works on their own merit rather than on the strength of the writer's reputation. However, if you want to submit an article requiring technical knowledge, be an expert in the field. We are a new market targeting savvy, intelligent, enthusiastic girls who want to read about horses. Any piece accompanied by photos stands an even better chance of publication.

How to Submit: Submit query or complete manuscript to Tamara L. Downs, Managing Editor. Include SASE for our reply. Submit seasonal material at least 6 months in advance. We accept simultaneous submissions. Writers guidelines and needs for #10 SASE.

Response Time: Allow 12 weeks for response to submissions, 8 weeks for queries.

Address: Filly Magazine 1020 NW El Dorado Drive Pullman WA 99163 USA

This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2002-04-12