Publisher: CSA-net

Established: 2002

Frequency: Weekly

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL: http://www.csa-net.com

Description: Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel help for formulas, functions and more as well as downloadable templates and files for Microsoft Word and other applications. Download some of the many Excel or Word templates and Microsoft Access databases.

Editor(s): Jeremy Schwartz

Needs: CSA-net is looking for non-fiction submissions of articles pertaining to any of the thousands of computer applications and computer languages that are commonly used. Articles can be reviews of software applications, explanation of functions and formulas or other helpful information that would interest our readers. Also CSA-net accepts files that programmers may have developed that would help others learn to use a computer application more efficiently. If accepted we will post a logo and link to the authors web site if applicable. For more information see our submissions guidelines.

Length: Open: please feel free to take as much space as you feel is necessary for your topic.

Rights: By submitting to CSA-net you agree to our Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, which is available at http://www.csa-net.com/Disclaimer.htm. Generally speaking CSA-net will make only minor changes to a submission without the authorís permission. Any submissi

Payment: Although CSA-net does not currently pay for submissions we do offer generous recognition to those whose submissions are accepted. Along with acknowledgments to the author, CSA-net will post links to your web-site (if applicable) both with the article and in our Additional Resources page. Also, authors may post logos (or a reasonable sized advertisement) to their web-site or business along with the author's article.

Tips: Please review the Submission guidelines at http://www.csa-net.com/Submissions.htm for information on the sections that are helpful to our readers. While we do not discourage other formats the Submission guidelines are a good starting part. Articles should be easy to understand and give a critical look at the software that you are writing about.

How to Submit: Please submit your work on-line by following the instructions at http://www.csa-net.com/Submissions.htm. Articles may be sent in Microsoft Word format, Rich Text or Plain Text formats. Submissions may also be emailed to submissions@csa-net.com.

Response Time: CSA-net reviews submissions in about one week.

Guidelines Url: http://www.csa-net.com/Submissions.htm

Address: 26 Warren Terrace West Harford CT 06119

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