Books Unbound E-Publishing Co.

Publisher: Books Unbound E-Publishing Co.

Established: 2002

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Description: A new non-subsidy royalty paying e-pub, called Books Unbound E-Publishing Co.

Editor(s): Leigh M. Walker and Leslie Cholowsky, Publishers

Needs: We seek a full complement of Mainstream Fiction including but not limited to Mystery, Action/Adventure, Speculative Fiction/SF, Romance, Historical Adventure, Western and Young Adult, and we are not confining ourselves to those genres or to fiction.

Rights: We contract electronic rights only.

Payment: Our author's contract offers a set royalty based on book base price, which comes out to about 38% (37.8 to 38.8).

Tips: Our best advice to any author seeking a publisher to review their submission is to take the time to read the submission guidelines on their site. Our guidelines give detailed information as to what we look at in a submission, as well as what to include with your fiction or non-fiction submission. Much of our time is spent answering questions that only indicate the author hasn't taken the time to examine our site. We also recommend that every author take the time to look at the other books offered for sale on a publisher's site, including sample chapters, to get a feel for the publisher. Just as publishers analyze author's submissions, so should authors analyze pontential publisher's sites and existing books.

How to Submit: Note: This publisher is no active and the publisher's domain is up for sale.

This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2017-06-10