Every Writer

Publisher: Bivens Communications

Established: 2003

Frequency: Monthly

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL: http://www.everywriter.com

Description: We strive to bring writers the articles, markets, and news they need to help them succeed in the writing industry, but we also want to bring laughter and a little lightness to what can be a very tough business.

Editor(s): Emily K. Bivens

Needs: We look for how-to articles on issues pertaining to writing, profiles of successful writers, and general features that help writers improve their craft. We do seek interviews with authors, editors, and publishers, but we do most of these in-house. However, if you have a great interview, please feel free to query us. We love articles on controversial topics and those that make writers think outside the box! We also look for advice from experts on issues pertaining to writing, and general interest newsy pieces. We rarely accept essays, unless one just blows us away. Reprints are accepted. Please state in your query or submission if your article/interview is a reprint, and where & when it was last published.

Length: We prefer shorter pieces or features that can be broken into several sub-headings. Minimum word length is 500; maximum is 2500.

Rights: One-time electronic rights, second rights.

Payment: We negotiate our pay individually with each writer. Our pay for most feature articles is between $20-50. Reprints usually pay $10-20.

Tips: When submitting a query or submission, we consider several points in determining if the author and their material fit in with Every Writer's mission & style: 1) Spelling and grammar; 2) professionalism and courtesy; 3) voice & style compatibility with our mission statement; 4) originality and clarity of idea. Please be familiar with our mission statement and the types of articles we publish.

How to Submit: We prefer that writers send queries first. If you have a reprint or essay, you may send the whole article. We do not accept or open any emails with attachments. Writers who include attached material will not receive a response from us. Accepts queries and articles by email or mail. _x000D_

Response Time: We make every attempt to offer personal feedback on all queries and submissions, but please don't read into it if you receive a form letter from us. Attempts to respond to all queries and submissions. Due to the volume of emails we receive, we may be unab

Guidelines Url: http://www.everywriter.com/guidelines.htm

Address: 3000 First Street Marion IA 52302 US

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