Deep Outside SFFH

Established: April 15, 1998

Accepts Email Submissions: yes

Website URL:

Description: Outside is a paying professional magazine of SF and dark imaginative fiction, aimed at people who love to read well-plotted, character-driven genre fiction.

Editor(s): Brian Callahan and John Cullen

Needs: Short (1500-4000 words) Science Fiction, Horror, and darkly imaginative fiction. We seek well-written, professionally executed fiction, with attention to basics - grammar, punctuation, usage. We do not accept Sword & Sorcery, pornography, or excessive violence and gore beyond the legitimate needs of a story. Also no derivative works (e.g., emulating TV shows and movies - no Star Trek stories, for example).

Length: 1500-4000 words

Payment: three cents per word

How to Submit: Manuscripts must be sent by e-mail to only. Postal mail submissions will be disposed of without being read (as will submissions not mailed to the above e-mail address).

Guidelines Url:

Address: 6549 Mission Gorge Place Box 260 San Diego CA 92120 USA