Miniature Donkey Talk

Frequency: Quarterly

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Description: A magazine geared toward donkeys.

Editor(s): Bonnie Gross

Needs: Fiction, Artwork and Nonfiction: Articles, Fillers, Interviews and Personal Anecdotes.
_x000D_ 1. Breeder profiles - either of yourself or another breeder. The full address and/or telephone number of the breeder will not appear in the article as this would constitute advertising.
_x000D_ 2. Coverage of non-show events such as fairs, donkey gatherings, holiday events, etc. We do not pay for coverage of an event that you were involved in organizing.
_x000D_ 3. Detailed or specific instructional or training material. We're always interested in people's training methods.
_x000D_ 4. Relevant, informative equine health pieces. We much prefer they deal specifically with donkeys, however, we will consider articles specifically geared towards horses. If at all possible, substitute the word 'horse' for donkey. We reserve the right to edit, change, delete or add to health articles as we deem appropriate. Please be very careful in the accuracy of advice or treatment and review the material with a veterinarian.
_x000D_ 5. Farm management articles.
_x000D_ 6. Fictional stories on donkeys.

Length: Minimum 700 words, Maximum 7000

Rights: When a story is purchased by MDT, the freelance correspondent is selling the following: (1) exclusive first-time periodical rights to the work, meaning MDT is buying the right to print a work before it appears anywhere else, (2) the one-time right to repr

Payment: Payment for all freelance work is made upon receipt and acceptance of the material. Pay ranges $20 to $175 depending on type of article and research involved. Contact us for details.

Tips: Miniature Donkey Talk has been published since 1987. The majority of our subscribers are in the U.S. and Canada but we also go to England, Australia, South Africa and other countries. We cover a variety of subjects such as donkey health care and management, training, farm management in general, purchasing and new owners, Marketing, Shipping, Feeding and Bedding, Fencing, Fly Management, Hoof Care, Hoof Diseases, A whole variety of subjects on Health, Disease and Skin; Vaccinations and Medications, Antibiotics, Worms and Parasites, Reproduction, Breeding, Foaling, Abortion, etc.; Behavior, Psychology and Training. Generally the same as any other breed specific magazine.

How to Submit: Finished manuscripts, typed and single or double-spaced, can either be submitted as a Microsoft Word file on a 3.5-inch diskette or e-mailed to Manuscripts can also simply be typed and mailed. Please avoid sending in hand-written material. In all cases, a hard copy, along with accompanying photographs must be submitted. A self-addressed, stamped envelope must be submitted for materials to be returned.
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