Tickled by Thunder

Publisher: Larry Lindner

Established: 1990

Frequency: Quarterly

Accepts Email Submissions: No

Website URL: http://www.tickledbythunder.com

Description: Tickled by Thunder caters to beginning/intermediate writers of fiction, poetry and articles ... published quarterly for 1000 readers.

Editor(s): Larry Lindner, Greg Bauder

Needs: Fiction, totally open, no adult content, 2000 word limit. Articles about writing and writers only, 2000 word limit. We accept email submissions from subscribers only.

Length: 2000 words for fiction, articles.

Rights: First rights only, we retain no rights.

Payment: Small payment to $5.00 maximum based on length, plus two copies.

Tips: Be creative, take a unique approach, use language what squeaks and squeels or in some way demands response.

How to Submit: Include some indication about why you are sending your manuscript to us. Eg., for a contest, selling first rights, etc.

Response Time: Three months.

Guidelines Url: http://www.tickledbythunder.com/TbT/Magazine/01_Guidelines.html

Address: 14076 86A Ave. Post Code - V3W 0V9 Surrey BC Canada

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