Alicubi Journal

Publisher: Martin Downs

Established: 1999

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Online journal featuring poetry and pictures, columnists and comics, interviews and news

Editor(s): Martin Downs

Needs: Personal essays, reviews, news, feature articles, interviews.

Length: Nothing insanely long. Three to five hundred words for news stories, 1,000-1,500 for features and essays.

Rights: Contributors retain all rights. We take only your permission to publish your work and keep it around in our archives indefinately.

Payment: Byline and bio are given with publication, of course. Sometimes we link to web pages--not personal home pages, however. If for instance you run an e-zine about maritime lore, or an AIDS activism web directory, or a tattoo parlor, we'll link to the site. But if you have a Geocitites homepage with a list of your favorite authors and albums and photos of your car, no, we will not link to it.

Tips: Don't try to be something you're not. Think inside the box. There are many things left to discover in there. Please don't write about being a writer. If your primary literary influence is Jack Kerouac, please look elsewhere. If you are John McPhee, please, Mr. McPhee, write something for us. If you are a coffee-cart guy in New York, please write something for us. If you're a coffee-cart guy in New York whose cart has been rammed by an errant taxi, write your miraculous survival story. If you're in a band and you went on tour and crazy things happened, let's hear about that. If you just had your first orgasm, write something about it for us. If you have uncovered corruption in your local government, give us the scoop. Get it? Good.

How to Submit: ASCII pasted into your email or plain text attachments. Small files sizes for images. If we want to see it bigger, we'll ask you to send a bigger one. Don't submit more than three or four images at a time. Please query for things that say

Response Time: Immediately for things that we love. If we're not going to publish your work, you will most likely not hear back. No form rejections. If we really liked it but can't publish it immediately for some reason, we will contact you.

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