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Publisher: World's Best New Age Auction

Established: 2001

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

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Description: Alternative Spirituality Magazine (including Wiccan) Celebrating New Age Fiction, Articles, Essays, Interviews

Editor(s): Kay Nelsen

Needs: We are looking for exceptional creative writing, fiction and non-fiction, not previously published. _x000D_ We need writings concerning the metaphysical properties of gems, information on crystal_x000D_ healing, crystal observing and crystal intuitives. _x000D_ We need information on Magical symbols as throughout the Ages, symbols of all types have_x000D_ been considered magical _x000D_ We need information on the The Various Shamanics Path - Yes, They All Lead to God. _x000D_ We want to know what aids you in keeping on your chosen spiritual path? Do you have_x000D_ certain rituals, mantras, creative thoughts, etc, that aid you in consciouslly realizing your_x000D_ goal...that of being one with whatever you perceive to be your God? Please tell our_x000D_ path to be brighter too! _x000D_ We need information on ETs and Other Entities. _x000D_ Please send stories you have concerning ETS, any sightings, what you feel them to be, anything at all concerning ETs. _x000D_ Fiction of a Positive Nature, often speaking of the other side. Fiction which moves, fictions_x000D_ which enlightens. _x000D_ Poetry from the Soul - Uplifting poetry. A beacon of your spirituality for others to see. _x000D_ Quotes and Affirmations - Enough to Drive You to Higher Realms _x000D_ Personal Psychic Experiences - Tis the Season to be Psychic. The world is waking up as we_x000D_ speak. _x000D_ We need book reviews. _x000D_ We need interviews, and no, the person does not have to be "famous".

Rights: Psychic Pathways (Owner of World's Best New Age Auction) acquires first time rights_x000D_ to all manuscripts, poetry, etc., published, and second reprint rights for the chapbooks._x000D_ All other rights will revert to you.

Payment: You will be paid in crystals which will consist of either raw mineral specimens or cut gems._x000D_ We pay in crystals for two reasons, first the Editor is a Gemologist and believes in their value. She knows that they work to heal. The second reason is the type of person who contributes to_x000D_ this magazine also knows their value.

How to Submit: Send only one prose piece and/or one to three poems at a time. Please DO NOT send_x000D_ as an attachment. No attachments WILL BE READ as we do not wish to have a virsus. Please send as a part of the e-mail file (except for pictures). (Please E-mail your prose submissions separately from poetry as different editors are assigned to each. _x000D_ Submissions may also be sent via hard-copy AND DISK and must enclose an SASE or will not be returned. if you wish to submit via hardcopy, you MUST ALL ALSO SEND A DISK FORMATTED IN .DOC OR .TXT, or your submission will not be read. Please also send an SASE, disk, and hard copy submission to:
_x000D_ Psychic Pathways
_x000D_ Attention: Kay Nelsen, Editor
_x000D_ P.O. Box 330099
_x000D_ Northglenn, Colorado 80233
_x000D_ Attention: Submission for World's Best New Age Auction On-Line Journal_x000D_

Response Time: It takes us one week to two months.

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Address: P.O. Box 330099 Northglenn CO 80233 USA

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