Seven Seas Magazine

Publisher: Annika Neudecker

Established: February 2002

Frequency: Monthly

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: Online magazine for readers and writers of personal essays from around the globe

Editor(s): Annika Neudecker

Needs: Seven Seas Magazine publishes personal essays, creative non-fiction, written by English language writers and essayists from around the world. From the United States to the Brazilian Amazon, from Germany to South Africa - we are looking for submissions written by people from different cultures, people of various mindsets. _x000D_

_x000D_ Whether you are an American mom with a daily routine or a corporate nine-to-fiver, whether you are a British school girl or an Italian diplomat, whether you want to write about how you met your girlfriend on the train or how you like winter evenings by the fireplace - any slice of life that is yours and well written is of interest to Seven Seas Magazine.

Length: 3,000 words

Rights: You will, of course, retain full copyright to your work. As soon as your submission has been accepted, you are granting Seven Seas Magazine one-time electronic publishing rights. Seven Seas publishes your essay in only ONE Seven Seas issue (unless publish

Tips: You can write about your cat, your mom, your friend, your life, your work, your hopes, your travels, your thoughts, your everything. All we ask is to receive personal essays from talented writers. If you do not know what a personal essay is, I urge you to check out the current issue or the back issues._x000D_

_x000D_ We are not in need of academic or scientific essays, essays that never use the word

How to Submit: Submissions should be sent electronically, via the Seven Seas submission form, which can be found at

Response Time: If your essay is accepted, Seven Seas will get in contact with you within two months of the date of your submission. We do NOT write rejection letters. If you haven't heard from us within said two months, you can safely assume that we will not publish you

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