Paying Lifestyle Markets

Here is the list of paying lifestyle markets. For more options return to the Writer's Guidelines homepage.

Alternative Family Magazine
Alternative Family Magazine is a national bimonthly magazine for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered parents and their children.

American Profile
Good news about hometown life, small communities and local heros.

Celebrations is a series of 35 books that will feature letters celebrating loved ones written by people of all ages from around the US

Chicken Soup for the Soul
Chicken Soup for the Soul is looking for true stories and poems for its upcoming books. The publisher has sold over 100 million books and over 250 titles to date.

CollegeWorld Magazine
Informative magazine for WSU, UD, and Sinclair students in Dayton, OH

An online magazine and advice site dedicated to relationships.

Divorce Magazine
Divorce is a new magazine designed to help people cope with this difficult transition. Our mandate is to provide a unique, friendly resource of vital information and timely advice to help our readers survive -- and even thrive -- during their divorce

A grass-roots, people oriented online community, represented by personal stories, how-to articles and guides and practical resources.

Girlfriends Magazine
Girlfriends is a national magazine aimed at gay women.

Good Old Days
A look into the past through photos, drawings, cartoons, comics, memories, features, songs, poems, letters, first-person narratives, and recipes.

Heeb Magazine
Jewish culture and entertainment magazine.

Hope Magazine
Hope is a solutions-oriented journal focused on people addressing personal and societal challenges with uncommon courage and integrity.

Kiwanis Magazine
KIWANIS is a monthly publication, except for combined June/July and November/December issues Editorial need primarily is for articles on current business, international, social, humanitarian, self-improvement, and community-related topics.

Lost Treasure, Inc.
Lost Treasure, Inc. reviews manuscript submissions for two treasure magazines: Lost Treasure and Treasure Cache.

Memories magazine
nonfiction magazine of true stories relating to personal and family histories

Metropole is the world's first fully-downloadable consumer magazine, rivaling in ambiance and taste magazines like The New Yorker and Vanity Fair.

Old Farmer's Almanac, The
The Old Farmer's Almanac is the oldest continuously published periodical in North America. Since 1792, The Old Farmer's Almanac has published useful information for people in all walks of life.

Radiance Magazine
Radiance is an upbeat, positive, colorful, glossy, quarterly magazine for women all sizes of large.

Reader's Digest
Reader's Digest provides current events coverage and features essays that reflect contemporary American life. Each issue of this popular magazine will provoke, educate, and entertain readers from all walks of life.

Reason Online
Reason covers politics, economics, culture, and science from a broad-minded libertarian perspective. We look for original analysis and research and do not like simple rehashes of well- worn libertarian positions.

Retired Officer Magazine, The
A magazine for active duty, former and retired, National Guard and Reserve -- and their families and survivors.

Saturday Evening Post, The
The Saturday Evening Post is a general interest magazine containing humor, fiction, and nonfiction that will amuse and entertain the American family.

Small Farm Today
Small Farm Today is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of small farming, rural living, community, sustainability, and agripreneurship. It is published on a farm, by a farmer, for farmers.

Yoga for EveryBody
Yoga for EveryBody is a quarterly publication dedicated to the encouragement and practice of yoga. We encourage descriptions of postures and asanas in detailed step-by step instructions. We are also interested in the various schools of yoga.