Paying Horror Markets

Here is the list of paying horror markets. For more options return to the Writer's Guidelines homepage.

Albedo One
Albedo One is Ireland's foremost magazine of speculative fiction and related articles, interviews and book reviews.

AlienSkin Magazine
Free online science fiction, fantasy and horror magazine

Short (5,000 words tops) speculative fiction in the science-fiction, fantasy and horror genres.

Apex Magazine
Apex Magazine is an online prose and poetry magazine of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mash-ups of all three.

Australian fantasy & science fiction magazine.

Short story magazine. Theme: supernatural, horror, Gothick, fantasy, SF, psychological

Blood, Blade and Thruster Magazine
A magazine of Speculative Fiction and Satire
UK's fastest growing horror genre website. Currently concentrates on vampire films/books etc and issues on vampirism though may expand.

Carriage House Review
Carriage House Review is a literary magazine dedicated to previously unpublished dark fiction.

Cemetery Dance
Cemetery Dance is bi-monthly magazine of horror, dark mystery, and suspense. Each issue contains short stories, articles, columns, interviews, news, and reviews.

Champagne Shivers Magazine
Champagne Shivers is a classy new online horror magazine published quarterly.

Chiaroscuro: Treatments of Light and Shade in Word
Dark fiction

Edge, The
The Edge is a 48 page A4 glossy magazine (full colour cover, revamped design, etc) publishing fiction, interviews, book, film, video, soundtrack & graphic novel reviews.

EOTU Ezine
Fiction, art, poetry of fantasy, speculative, science fiction, and horror. EOTI was a paper zine back in the 80's - early 90's. Now we're online!

Evil Tales Webzine
Evil Tales is the internet’s newest ‘zine of unrestrained horror.

Frequency audio anthologies
Frequency produces nationally-distributed high-quality audio anthologies of short SF/F/H fiction, written by award-winning authors and read by name actors and talented voice artists.

Future Shocks
science fiction, fantasy and horror e-zine, published on a monthly basis

Genre Sampler Magazine
Short stories of all genres. Published quarterly with additional special annual issue for novellas.

Goblin Muse, The
Horror fiction, fiction for writers

Gothic.Net ( is far more than an electronic "horror" magazine. It is a multimedia vehicle intended to slice through the banal goth/darkwave tide on the Web -- and dark fiction is a part of that.

A Journal of The Bizarre and Eccentric

Kenoma e-zine
Kenoma e-zine is a bimonthly e-zine devoted to speculative fiction and myth. We publish short stories devoted to these topics.

Lullaby Hearse
Paying ($5/poem, to $15/fiction $5-10/art) lit mag publishing in the genres of horror, experimental, and the unnerving. Vivid, clean writing. See site for guidelines.

speculative fiction and poetry.... fantasy, scifi, cross genre

We publish short stories in the genres of science-fiction, fantasy and horror, as well as poetry. We are an online only magazine who takes pride in original and quality genre stories

More than just Science Fiction. ON SPEC is published four times yearly by the (nonprofit) Copper Pig Writers' Society.

Other Dimension
Speculative fiction, poetry, art & reviews.

Phaedra Magazine
We feature fiction too dark to talk about in polite company. Fear, shame, guilt, greed, sex, and tarnished heroes are themes of Phaedra Magazine.

Rogue Worlds
A new on-line science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazine coming April 15, 2001.

Scavenger's Newsletter
Scavenger's is a market newsletter for SF/Fantasy/Horror/Mystery writers and artists with an interest in the small press.