Paying Fantasy Markets

Here is the list of paying fantasy markets. For more options return to the Writer's Guidelines homepage.

Albedo One
Albedo One is Ireland's foremost magazine of speculative fiction and related articles, interviews and book reviews.

AlienQ Science Cyber Fiction Ezine, alien contact on the web. Interactive Ask the Alien, stories, articles, glossary of alien terms, and more.

AlienSkin Magazine
Free online science fiction, fantasy and horror magazine

Amazing Journeys Magazine
Amazing Journeys is a new magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Amazing Journeys is a quarterly print magazine. Currently the magazine is a digest sized, black and white only issue.

Amazing Stories
Amazing Stories features reviews of movies, TV, DVDs, books, comics and story-driven electronic games, as well as interviews with the creators of these stories. Each issue also contains original fiction from the world's top authors.

Short (5,000 words tops) speculative fiction in the science-fiction, fantasy and horror genres.

Australian fantasy & science fiction magazine.

Blood, Blade and Thruster Magazine
A magazine of Speculative Fiction and Satire

Brigit's Temple Fiction Magazine
Features the best new age, paranormal and pagan fiction.

Carriage House Review
Carriage House Review is a literary magazine dedicated to previously unpublished dark fiction.

Challenging Destiny
A quarterly magazine that publishes new science fiction and fantasy short stories.

Chiaroscuro: Treatments of Light and Shade in Word
Dark fiction

Dark Energy Speculative Fiction
Dark Energy Speculative Fiction is a website dedicated to publishing unknown or little-known talent.

Deep Outside SFFH
Outside is a paying professional magazine of SF and dark imaginative fiction, aimed at people who love to read well-plotted, character-driven genre fiction.

Dragon's Scroll, The
Monthly fantasy and roleplaying webzine featuring fantasy short stories and articles on roleplaying.

Dragons, Knights, and Angels
Family friendly fantasy and science fiction including stories, art, poetry, and reader interaction. Because the power of God is the greatest magic of all.

Dungeon Magazine
Contains short adventures designed for the Dungeons and Dragons games.

EOTU Ezine
Fiction, art, poetry of fantasy, speculative, science fiction, and horror. EOTI was a paper zine back in the 80's - early 90's. Now we're online!

FASA Corporation
Publisher of adventures, sourcebooks and novels for their game universes Battletech, Earthdawn, MechWarrior and Shadowrun.

Frequency audio anthologies
Frequency produces nationally-distributed high-quality audio anthologies of short SF/F/H fiction, written by award-winning authors and read by name actors and talented voice artists.

Future Shocks
science fiction, fantasy and horror e-zine, published on a monthly basis

Gauntlet! The Magazine of Heroic Tales
Gauntlet! is a small press publication published quartery.

Genre Sampler Magazine
Short stories of all genres. Published quarterly with additional special annual issue for novellas.

Fantasy short stories, Flash Fiction. Non-fiction: reviews, articles on the craft of writing, interviews.

Columbia Games publishes a series of sourcebooks and adventure modules detailing HârnWorld and a compatible role-playing system called HârnMaster. Both are medieval fantasy genre.

Hogshead Publishing
Hogshead Publishing is interested in seeing proposals for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay supplements, from both new and established writers and designers.

Kenoma e-zine
Kenoma e-zine is a bimonthly e-zine devoted to speculative fiction and myth. We publish short stories devoted to these topics.

Khimairal Ink
A literary magazine dedicated to the best in genre and mainstream lesbian fiction.

Leading Edge Magazine
Leading Edge is a semi-professional magazine dedicated to the presentation of new and upcoming talent.

Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
An award-winning SF magazine which is the original publisher of SF classics like Stephen King's Dark Tower, Daniel Keyes's Flowers for Algernon, and Walter M. Miller's A Canticle for Leibowitz.