Paying Education Markets

Here is the list of paying education markets. For more options return to the Writer's Guidelines homepage.
Inspirational website and anthology series for teachers

Christian Home & School
Christian Home & School is published by Christian Schools International for parents who send their children to Christian schools. The magazine aims to promote Christian education and to address a wide range of parenting topics.

Class Act
Practical ideas for language arts teachers in grades 5-12.

Eclectic Homeschool, The
The Eclectic Homeschool promotes creative homeschooling through unique resources, teaching methods, and online helps.

Home Educator's Family Times
Print and online newspaper meeting the needs of today's homeschooling families. Topics covered include homeschooling, practical family life issues, parenting, research, legal issues, teaching and resources.

Homeschooling Companion
Homeschooling Companion's

HowStuffWorks is a source for clear, reliable explanations of how everything around us actually works.

Instructor magazine is the ideal professional resource to meet the needs of today's teacher. Instructor publishes more teachers' bylines each issue than any other educational magazine.

Plays Magazine
Plays one-act plays and programs for young people in lower grades through high school, to perform in schools, drama groups, libraries and clubs.

School Reform News
School Reform News is a 20-page monthly newspaper reporting on school reform efforts nationwide.

Our four-color, award winning, monthly magazine stands alone in its comprehensive coverage of career-focused education.

Technology & Learning Magazine
Technology & Learning publishes articles that encourage educators to think about new approaches to teaching and new ways to use technology in the classroom.

Training Magazine
Training magazine focuses on job-related, employer-sponsored training and education in the working world--business, industry, government, service organizations, etc.