Paying Computer Markets

Here is the list of paying computers markets. For more options return to the Writer's Guidelines homepage.

ComputerUser is a monthly tabloid-style magazine. Subscribers include business people responsible for purchasing computer goods and services for small to midsize companies, and information systems (IS) staffers and trainers.

ComputorEdge Magazine
ComputorEdge is the nation's largest regional computer weekly, with editions in Southern California and Colorado.

Database Magazine
Database is written for the "hands on" searcher, managers of information facilities and others who use information technology.

Desktop Engineering
Desktop Engineering is for professional engineers who use and specify the purchase of microcomputer hardware and software.

Dr. Dobb's Journal
Our readers are serious programmers who look to Dr. Dobb's Journal for useful information. They read Dr. Dobb's for descriptions of algorithms, specific language implementations, and edifying examples of solutions to general programming concerns.

Embedded Systems Programming
Editorial includes coverage of microprocessors and microcontrollers, high-level languages and real-time operating systems.

Emedia Professional
CD-ROM Professional is the technology and business magazine for CD-ROM producers and users, covering electronic publishing standards, strategies, and tools.

Enterprise Systems Journal
Publication focuses on IBM Host Based Enterprise Wide Computing.

Gamasutra's features are devoted to the development of games. The audience for your technical article will be professional game developers, including (but not limited to) programmers, artists, sound designers, and producers.

Game Developer Magazine
Most of our 30,000 readers work in medium- and large-sized North American game development companies. The audience for your technical article will include professional programmers, animators, sound designers, and producers.

Java Developer's Journal
Articles should help our readers solve their real-world development problems. Our audience's experience level is from novice to expert. Most are corporate developers and a growing number are independent developers.

Midrange Computing
Midrange Computing, IIR Publications, Inc.'s AS/400 publishing group, educates midrange programmers, managers, and analysts on the best programming techniques, tools, and products in the arena.

Nuts & Volts Magazine
Nuts & Volts is an electronics magazine written for the hands-on hobbyist, design engineer, technician, and experimenter.

ONLINE is written and edited for librarians and other professionals who routinely use online services for information delivery, research, and knowledge management.

If you have technical information to share, if you are using Oracle software in a creative or novel way, if you have managed a challenging Oracle project, or if you have developed an application or technique, this is your opportunity.

An independently published technical journal for Oracle product users and serves database professionals, working in Oracle shops, with technical, unbiased, solutions-oriented editorial written by experts in the field.

PCPhoto is a national magazine for people who want to explore and expand their application of photography by making good use of the computer.

Sympatico NetLife
Sympatico NetLife acts as a print companion to Sympatico's online service, helping subscribers to get the most of their time spent on the Net.

Technical Support
Technical Support is an 80-page monthly magazine devoted to providing highly technical solutions for IS professionals responsible for supporting enterprise networks and operating environments.

UNIX Review's Performance Computing
UNIX Review's Performance Computing is a monthly magazine for technical experts who select, configure, install, program, and support UNIX- and Windows NT-based systems.