Paying College Markets

Here is the list of paying college markets. For more options return to the Writer's Guidelines homepage.

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News and resources for re-entry students

Campus Life Magazine
Campus Life is a magazine with the purpose of helping teenagers navigate adolescence with their faith intact. Campus Life readers are both male and female and most are in high school or early college.

Iowa Review, The
The Iowa Review publishes three issues per year (April, August, and December). The literary publication features fiction, poetry, essays, reviews, interviews, and autobiographical sketches.

Link Magazine
The College Magazine

New England Review
New England Review is published four times a year: winter, spring, fall, and summer. However, our reading period is September 1 through May 31 (postmark dates) only. Any submissions that arrive during the summer must be returned unread.

Notre Dame Magazine
Notre Dame Magazine is published quarterly by the University of Notre Dame for more than 130,000 readers, most of whom are graduates of the university.

U. Magazine
U. The National College Magazine, with an audience of 6.7 million, is the most widely read lifestyle and entertainment magazine among 18- to 24-year-old college-educated young adults.