Y2K Center Launches Website, Grant Program

Posted on June 9, 1999

The Center for Y2K & Society has announced the launch of its website to support foundations and nonprofit organizations working to prepare communities for potential disruptions caused by the Y2K computer date problem.

"We created our website to support our mission of mobilizing and assisting nonprofits to respond to Y2K threats in three key areas: healthcare, public and environmental safety, and vulnerable communities. Each of these areas is significantly behind the other sectors of our society in addressing Y2K," says Philip Bogdonoff, Director of Outreach for the Center.

In addition to ongoing work in the three areas, the Center plans to give away more than a quarter of a million dollars by the end of July to provide financial support to enable existing nonprofit organizations working on Y2K issues to expand their work. The Center also hopes to motivate other organizations to join or lead community efforts to prepare for Y2K.

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