Women's Golf Today Launches Website

Posted on July 7, 1999

Women's Golf Today, LLC has announced the launch of their new website, Women's Golf Today. "With more than 50 million golfers worldwide, there are very few sites which focus exclusively on golfing women," says website owner Lori Hayre. "As a golfer and a mother, it was frustrating not having a single source on the web that served my needs."

WGT is a web marketplace with easy navigation, secure and exclusive shopping and added value content. The site accepts commercial advertising that provide products and services associated with women's golf. Upcoming services will include tips, leaderboard scores and a variety of alternative content.

"One of our goals is to have a 5-star rating system for resorts, golf equipment and other important aspects of golf," says Hayre. "Our staff will have done the homework in advance so you may make an informed decision based on our research. Our Mission is to provide useful information for women golfers to simplify and enhance their lives."

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