Women.com Rewires Redbook Magazine

Posted on August 4, 1999

A joint-effort between Women.com Networks and Hearst Magazines, has produced a new Redbook magazine website for women balancing family, work, love relationships and time for themselves. The first implementation in a series of Hearst women's magazines re-launched on Women.com, the new Redbook website combines the personal, and marriage and family-oriented editorial content of the print magazine with interactive tools and features created by Women.com.

"Redbook is written for a woman with a full plate and is resourceful in figuring out how to balance it all," said Lesley Jane Seymour, editor-in-chief, Redbook magazine. "Over the past year, our readers have told us -- through letters, email and increased visits to our Web site -- that the Internet is key to managing their busy lives. Redbook online helps women put information into action and share their experiences with other women and the magazine."

As part of the cross-branding effort, Redbook will place the website URL on every page of the publication. Also, a popular feature from the website, "The Diary of V," has inspired a companion feature in the magazine, "The Diary of B," -- extending the cyber-personality's popularity in the print magazine. Additionally, discounted subscriptions to the print version of the magazine are available on the Redbook site.

"The initiative represents one of the most aggressive efforts by a magazine to integrate an offline and online brand," said Ellen Pack, founder, senior vice-president and general manager, Women.com Networks. "Unlike other magazine initiatives, this is not a rehash of the magazine online, but instead a complete expression of a powerful brand using an interactive voice. The essence of the Redbook theme of balancing career, family and personal time is now alive on the Web."