Webzter.com Retained to Build Writerscape.com

Posted on December 10, 1999

Webzter Corp. has announced that it has been retained for the development of Writerscape.com. Webzter has provided Writerscape.com e-business modeling consultation, e-business technical design and Internet image development services. Writerscape.com will provide a virtual exchange mechanism for the author and publisher marketplace. For example, if a publisher likes a work on Writerscape.com, that publisher will be able to bid for the rights of that author's work and the author can choose to accept or reject the offer.

Randy Moffett, Writerscape.com president and chief executive officer stated: "Writerscape.com is positioned to capture the great works of great authors throughout the world. Our business concept is still that of a proprietary nature, but the marketplace will take strong notice upon release of our business model."

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