We Media Launches Website For People With Disabilities

Posted on December 3, 1999

We Media Inc., parent company of the consumer lifestyle magazine, WE, has announced the launch of Wemedia.com, a website designed to offer people with disabilities unparalleled mobility, access, and choices.

"Wemedia.com offers a single comprehensive source for information, education, products and services for people with disabilities, their families and friends," said Itzhak Perlman, world-renowned violinist and Wemedia.com member. "Wemedia.com is revolutionizing the world of disabilities, changing it to a world of unlimited possibilities. It's wonderful to see this under-serviced community of 54 million people be provided with the same opportunities as the rest of society."

Wemedia.com allows people with disabilities to interact, explore and communicate on an equal basis with each other and the rest of the world. The Web and other multimedia formats are suited for people with disabilities, who rely heavily on media and computer technology to find information, goods and services. Some features of the site include: - distance learning, jobs, sports, live events and chat.

"At We Media, we have always recognized that people with disabilities have the same desires for products and services as the general population, with a few specific additional needs," said Cary Fields, president and CEO of We Media Inc. "We Media's goal is to empower people with disabilities, their families and friends by providing both mobility and access to the services this population has long been denied."