Warner to Publish Book by CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs

Posted on May 21, 2004

Warner Business Books, an imprint of the Time Warner Book Group, has announced that it will publish a book by Lou Dobbs, anchor and managing editor of CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight. Tentatively titled Exporting America: Why Corporate Greed is Shipping American Jobs Overseas, the book reveals why Dobbs sees the shipment of American jobs to cheap foreign labor markets as a threat not only to millions of workers and their families, but also to the American way of life. It is slated for publication in August 2004.

As Dobbs explains in Exporting America an increasing number of U.S. corporations are laying off employees and replacing them with low-paid foreign workers. Recent studies reveal that more than 14 million American jobs are now at risk of being outsourced overseas. Lou Dobb's book argues that workers will bear the consequences of outsourcing while U.S. multinationals share in the short-term profits. According to Dobbs, corporate America isn't doing this alone: big business and Washington are in absolute partnership and show little regard for the profound social and economic consequences of Exporting America.

The issue of outsourcing has now made its way to the presidential campaign, with the Bush administration defending the practice while Senator John Kerry decries the "Benedict Arnold CEOs" who ship jobs overseas. In Exporting America, Dobbs tells readers what they can do to save their jobs and what the president, Congress and corporate America must do to save the American dream.

Jamie Raab, Senior Vice President and Publisher of Warner Books, said, "This book deals with one of the most critical issues facing Americans today. Lou Dobbs has been at the forefront of this national debate and we are sure that his message will resonate with readers this election season."

Lou Dobbs is a founding member of the CNN network as well as CNN's financial news division. In addition to anchoring Lou Dobbs Tonight, he also anchors a nationally syndicated financial news radio report. He writes a monthly column for Money magazine, a weekly syndicated column published in newspapers across the country, is a contributing editor for U.S. News and World Report, and also manages and edits his own financial newsletter, the Lou Dobbs Money Letter. Dobbs has won nearly every major award for television journalism including the George Foster Peabody Award, the Luminary Award from the Business Journalism Review, and the Horatio Alger Association Award for Distinguished Americans.