VoxCap.Com Launches The Almanac of Internet Politics

Posted on October 22, 1999

VoxCap.com, an online community and resource about political issues, has launched "The Almanac of Internet Politics," an interactive series aimed at shedding light on key Internet issues facing the U.S. candidates and electorate in the 2000 campaign. The series, written by online journalist Dana Blankenhorn, explores key issues like speech, spam, and sales taxes with links to stories and interest groups. Then site also invites voters to have their say, using VoxCap.com's community building tools.

"The people we elect in 2000 will settle key Internet questions for all time," says Blankenhorn. "We the people need to know what's at stake, and what candidates will do, before we put them in office. With VoxCap.com, we can convert our passion on these issues into action, using all the necessary tools for online activism the site provides."

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