Utne Web Watch Provides Coverage of Altenative Publications

Posted on September 20, 1999

The Utne Reader goes daily? Almost, thanks to Utne Web Watch Daily, which was officially launched September 17. For 15 years, Utne Reader has combed through more than 2,000 alternative publications every month, bringing readers the best of the alternative press six times a year. With the rise of the Internet and its voluminous information sources, Utne Reader has had to step up the pace.

The Utne Web Watch Daily is updated every weekday with three links to articles culled from all corners of the Web by Editor Parker Hodges. Utne Web Watch Daily pulls links from publications as large as Wired and The Village Voice and as small as The Nashville Scene.

"Utne Web Watch Daily has the same goal as the Utne Reader -- we seek out alternative news and original points of view, the stories that the mainstream media miss," says Hodges. "The Internet just gives us more to choose from."

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