Ultimate Sports Announces the Release of Its Cosmic Slam Comic Book

Posted on May 19, 1999

Ultimate Sports Entertainment Inc., an entertainment company with operations in the licensing and comic book publishing businesses, has announced the release of its new comic book title Cosmic Slam. It marks the first installment of the company's unique licensing deal with the Major League Baseball Players Association. Cosmic Slam stars Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Jeff Bagwell and Dave Justice.

"I think Cosmic Slam will create some fantastic buzz especially in the markets we are targeting - comics, sports collectibles and baseball fans," said Rick Licht, President of Ultimate Sports Entertainment Inc. "Fans will be excited to see their favorite athletes come to life as comic book superheroes, the brilliant colors popping off each page and the intriguing story lines. We're confident, based on early reaction, that we will be exceptionally successful with this venture."

Cosmic Slam is the first of four titles featuring baseball superstars as comic book superheroes. Other titles scheduled for release include The Shortstop Squad, Super Sluggers and The Fastball Express. Each title will retail for $3.95 and be sold in selected ballparks throughout Major League Baseball. Renowned comic book artist Bernard Chang was responsible for the artwork in Cosmic Slam. Chang is well known for his work on DC Comic's Superman and Marvel Comic's New Mutants.

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