UCSF School of Nursing and Adam.com Deliver Online Health Information

Posted on May 10, 1999

adam.com and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) School of Nursing have announced that they have signed an agreement under which nursing professionals from the school will provide expert medical information on the new adam.com consumer health website. The UCSF nursing school faculty will work with adam.com to develop specialized and community health topic areas, conduct live chat forums and maintain on-line message boards.

"In the age of managed care, it's more important than ever before that consumers become well-informed about their own and their families' health issues," said Gina Wade, RN, MS, assistant clinical professor, department of community health systems in the UCSF School of Nursing. "That's why we're so pleased to create this partnership with adam.com. Because the internet is a major source for information and answers to consumer questions, it's important that we reach out to the Web community and help people understand their options."

Visitors to the adam.com website can find clinical information, news, medical illustration, animation, video and interactive 3D content and have an ongoing dialogue with UCSF health experts through bulletin boards or chat sessions in a specified health topic. "Our partnership with UCSF enhances the consumer's on-line health experience," said Edmund Billings, MD, adam.com's chief medical officer and vice president of clinical products. "Both adam.com and UCSF share the vision that on-line health will provide the consumer a critical bridge from their care provider to self-care. UCSF has been long-recognized as a leader in medical and nursing education and care and again they are taking the lead in joining adam.com to provide care on-line."