UBL.com Adds Personal Publishing Tools for Emerging Bands

Posted on April 14, 1999

Ultimate Band List has launched a personal Web publishing area enabling bands to contribute audio files to their UBL listing or "band card." By integrating Microsoft's newly released Windows Media Technologies 4.0 and the On Demand Producer, UBL.com will create a database of audio files, significantly expanding its offerings to actively showcase music by emerging bands and unsigned artists.

"This exciting new feature allows undiscovered bands to display their music right next to the most famous artists in the world like The Rolling Stones and Pearl Jam," said Steve Rennie, president of UBL.com. "In addition, Microsoft Windows Media Player allows UBL.com's hundreds of thousands of daily visitors to easily sample new music. There's been a lot of talk recently about MP3, but our focus has always been on the artist and enhancing the connection between the artist and their fans."

UBL.com categorizes more than 1,000,000 music-oriented websites which are maintained by fans, record companies and other entertainment organizations. UBL.com provides a searchable database of websites relating to bands, record labels, record retailers, concerts, ticket sales, tours, radio stations, contests, e-zines, chats, live broadcasts, online events and downloadable MP3 files. UBL.com also operates its own online music store.