The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition and Lightbulb Press Offer Online Versions of Financial Guides

Posted on April 1, 1999

The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition and Lightbulb Press, a publisher of financial guide books, have announced they have joined to create online versions of The Wall Street Journal Guides, which have sold millions of copies worldwide. Excerpts from four books on investment topics, which are jointly-owned and copyrighted by Dow Jones and Lighbulb Press, are on The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition as part of the free resources the Interactive Journal makes available to the public.

"The availability of these guides will benefit our readers who are interested in learning more about investing," said Neil Budde, vice president and editor of the Interactive Journal. "The straightforward information on such topics as retirement funds and stocks, will be an excellent complement to our continuous updates of financial news and the markets."

"Lightbulb Press is very excited about this venture," said Ken Morris, chief executive officer of Lightbulb Press. "Today, more Americans than ever are using the Internet to plan their finances, yet much of the information available on the Web implies a level of understanding many consumers do not have. There is a definite need for easy-to-use, reliable financial information on the Web, and that's what we're able to offer through the alliance with The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition," Morris added.

Additionally, the two companies have agreed to mutually license content from The Wall Street Journal Guides to third-party websites. Sites can enter into content licensing agreements to make the complete versions or excerpts from the online guides available to their users. The HTML versions of the content can also be customized for individual sites.