The AnimeOnline Network Adds New Domains

Posted on March 18, 1999

The AnimeOnline Network, currently serving the anime (also known as Japanese Animation) fan community via five domains of anime related information and services, announced plans to add five additional domains of original creations. Two of these new domains will be a network highlighting the talented voice actors in the U.S. animation industry and a specially designed web database which will work to categorize the hundreds of thousands of anime and related websites online.

The AnimeOnline Network, created 2 years ago, started out as a simple concept: to provide a central location for anime fans to come and find varying kinds of information and resource pertaining to their favorite topics: anime and manga (Japanese comics). The AnimeOnline Network has been written about and mentioned in several magazines, including Japan's B-Magazine, and it pulls in over 9000 visitors per day from all over the world.

"We create," says Elaine Barlow, The AnimeOnline Network's creator. "It's that simple. If a resource doesn't exist we find some way to create it. I have always felt that fans should be celebrated for their fandom expression."

Update: The AnimeOnline Network site is no longer live.

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