Teen Magazine Names Tommi Lewis Editor-In-Chief

Posted on February 17, 1999

Tommi Lewis has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of Teen magazine. The announcement was made today by Lynn Lehmkuhl, the President of the Petersen Youth Group, part of EMAP Petersen. Ms. Lewis replaces Roxanne Camron, who is resigning after 25 years as the magazine's Editor-in-Chief, but who will remain with Teen in a consulting capacity.

Lynn Lehmkuhl said, "Tommi takes over Teen magazine at a high point in its history, which includes a recent rate base increase to 2,000,000, coupled with six consecutive months of growth in newsstand sales. Tommi's close relationship with the entertainment community, plus her years of working in the kids and teen entertainment arena, make her uniquely qualified to lead Teen magazine to further heights."

Tommi Lewis said, "There's never been a better time to be a teen than now. We've had the years of the 50 +, the baby boomers, and the Gen Xers, but it's now the dawn of the teen era. The teen market is a driving force in fashion, electronics, communication, and entertainment. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to edit a magazine that reaches millions of teens, and I look forward to giving them a guide which will help them be an even stronger force in the millennium."

Ms. Lewis joined Teen in August 1998 as Editor-at-Large, where her responsibilities included overseeing the magazine's celebrity coverage. Prior to joining Teen, Ms. Lewis was the Executive Editor of LIVE! Magazine, an entertainment publication which she helped to launch in 1995. Previously, she was the Editor-in-Chief of Sassy Magazine following Petersen Publishing's purchase of the magazine in 1994. Ms. Lewis has also held positions as the Children's Publishing Editorial Director at Walt Disney Publishing company, where she was the Editor-in-Chief of Disney Adventures; Editorial Director of Radio Guide Magazine; Executive Editor of Japan Journal Magazine, and Executive Editor, Magazine Development, for Petersen Publishing. Ms. Lewis is also the author of five books.