Teen.com Launches New Sections

Posted on May 5, 1999

Teen.com, an Internet-based community for teenagers, has announced the launch of four new sections that focus on fashion, beauty, music, and movies. Based on the feedback received from the over one million monthly visitors to Teen.com, the new columns allow on-line teenagers to hold discussions, ask for and receive advice, read the latest news, and link to on-line shopping sites.

"With the response that we've gotten in terms of both subscriber feedback and advertising click-through rate, expanding the site in the areas of fashion, beauty, music, and movies was the obvious choice," said Jerry Croteau, publisher and founder of Teen.com. "Not only does this address the most asked-for subjects that our visitors are requesting, it pinpoints four of the highest consumer-driven markets for the teenage market. It's a win-win situation for all parties involved."

Teen.com is an on-line Internet community that targets the teen audience with numerous daily features and columns such as advice, diaries, poetry and photo contests, fashion, beauty, movie and music reviews, homework help, games, jokes, news, horoscopes, college information, and a free daily Email newsletter with over 35,000 subscribers. Teen.com was initially launched in September of 1997 and receives over 12 million monthly page views to over 30,000 daily visitors.

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