Technorati Adds List of Most Popular YouTube Videos

Posted on March 29, 2006

YouTube logo Technorati now has a list of the most linked YouTube videos in the blogosphere. The YouTube list is now part of Technorati's lists of the most popular media mentioned in blogs that includes news articles, books, movies and blogs. There is no music category. Here are a few of the most popular YouTube videos listed as of this writing.

  • PeCa bio hazard highlight
  • Nintendo Sixty-Fooooooooour
  • Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama
  • Real Life Simpsons Intro

    The Real Life Simpsons video is pretty self-explanatory. The Nintendo Sixty-Fooor is a very fired up kid opening a gift. The PeCa video had the most links by far on the list. There are others on the top YouTube video list you might not want to watch, like the gross centipede eating a mouse video. Right now the list includes the 30 top YouTube videos. The list is ordered by new links to YouTube in the last 48 hours.

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