TBWT Appoints Herb Boyd as National Editor

Posted on September 24, 1999

Veteran journalist and award-winning author Herb Boyd has been appointed to the post of National Editor of The Black World Today (TBWT), announced Don Rojas, founder and CEO of TBWT. Before the appointment, Boyd had served as acting editor and was among the founders of the online publication.

"We have been hoping for the opportunity to employ Herb in a full-time position since our inception," Rojas said. "Now, with our revenue situation substantially improved, we are excited to offer the position to him. He is eminently qualified to assume this responsibility and given his experience and contacts our brand name recognition will get a significant boost."

Boyd's responsibilities will be to oversee and coordinate the site's national exposure, manage a team of emerging writers and correspondents, and develop bureaus in major cities throughout the nation.

"Obviously I am quite delighted to join TBWT in an official capacity after working in a part-time basis since 1996," Boyd said. "It's a marvelous opportunity and it will give me a chance to organize a team of writers and assistant editors. While I cherish this appointment, it should also open up opportunities for a number of struggling writers who have no forums for their stories."

As a journalist, Boyd's articles have appeared in practically every major African American publication, including Emerge, Essence, Ebony Man, Amsterdam News, Black Elegance, Network Journal, The Source, Code, and the Black Scholar. With Robert Allen, he co-edited Brotherman-The Odyssey of Black Men in America, which was the recipient of the American Book Award in 1995. He has authored and edited 10 books and is currently completing Autobiography of a People-Three Centuries of African American History Told by Those Who Lived It (Doubleday, 2000). Boyd also teaches at the College of New Rochelle (Manhattan) and New York University.