Launches Essay Contest

Posted on June 7, 1999, an Internet portal from NBC and CNET, has launched its "Snap to the Possibilities" promotion, an essay contest in which users are invited to submit personal stories on how the Internet has enriched their everyday lives. The 100-words-or-less essays will be reviewed by a panel of judges between now and June 23. The Grand Prize winner will receive $10,000 cash and the chance to have his or her vignette featured in a nationally televised promotional spot.

Whether the Internet has enabled them to start a new business, learn about new advances in medicine, develop global friendships with people with similar interests or fall in love, user stories may be as diverse as the Internet itself. The top 50 essays will be posted online throughout the promotion, and visitors can participate in the selection of the five best stories. Once posted, entrants are encouraged to notify their friends and family members to cast votes for their stories. These Voter's Choice winners will be awarded mountain resort vacations, courtesy of Resort Sports Network.

" believes in the importance of highlighting the myriad of positive Internet uses whenever possible," said Julie Welch,'s vice president of marketing. "The contest expands our campaign message while rewarding those who inspire us to better our lives and improve our communities."