SmartMoney Launches Custom Publishing Division

Posted on April 8, 1999

SmartMoney magazine, a joint venture between The Hearst Corporation and Dow Jones & Company, has announced the formation of an education division which will provide companies with financial products including newsletters, booklets, seminar content and on-line tools and content. The announcement was made today by SmartMoney Editor-in-Chief and President Steve Swartz.

Under the new business plan, SmartMoney will work with 401-K providers, as well as retail operations at banks and mutual fund companies, to develop products that educate corporate employees and general consumers -- whether it be reallocating their investment assets, opening new types of accounts, understanding IRA distribution, or preparing for retirement.

"More than ever, consumers are paying attention to their mutual fund, IRA and 401-K account performances," said Swartz. "We are excited to be part of helping to educate America and make people better off financially."

The education division will report to SmartMoney Vice President and Publisher Chris Lambiase, which will ensure synergies between the magazine and the on-line efforts of the title's website To support the venture, Lambiase announced that SmartMoney has acquired Retirement Advisors Inc. (RAI) from Hearst. RAI is a custom publishing outfit which has specialized in financial education products for the past 40 years.

The education division will be headed by Andrew Seibert, who will serve as general manager, and Dana Adams, who was named marketing manager. As general manager, Seibert will be responsible for the growth of the division, including RAI.