, New Online Men's Magazine Launches

Posted on June 2, 1999, a quarterly online magazine aimed at professional men ages 18 to 35, launched Tuesday with the promise of being the "Ultimate Men's Guide to SharpLiving." Part life manual, part consumer advocate, its articles provide discriminating advice on looking, acting and living Sharp. Among its departments are SharpWork, SharpTravel, SharpDating, SharpGrooming, SharpHome, SharpHealth, SharpWords and SharpToys.

The privately funded plans to avoid subject matter that already receives mass coverage (i.e., sports, entertainment) and focuses its content on topics frequently neglected or unsatisfactorily addressed. It offers concise instruction on everything from women to workplace etiquette, tailor-made city guides to tailor-made suits. The premiere issue includes an article on the enigmatic "business casual" look, adventure trekking in Bali and a He said/She said column on post-date telephone etiquette.

Editor in chief Y.M. Reiss, a former attorney who jokingly refers to herself as the twenty-something, men's version of Martha Stewart, added, "Our take on the `SharpMan' is not what's `cool' or `hip'. SharpMan-like qualities are timeless, reflecting a smart, spirited and charming man to whom women and employers gravitate."

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