Scour.Net Launches Broadband Entertainment Portal

Posted on April 21, 1999

Scour.Net has launched a new broadband entertainment portal featuring its next generation multimedia search engine and content from several cutting-edge partners. The new website, targeted at high-bandwidth users, includes improved search functionality such as bandwidth-sensitive searching and video previews.

As part of its next generation multimedia search engine, Scour.Net includes new functionality that enables users to find audio, video and image files. In an important innovation, Scour.Net is the first search engine to provide video previews next to video search results. Users can now "preview" 6 key frames of each video file before committing to a lengthy download or streaming session. Other enhancements include bandwidth-sensitive searching, which allows users to customize search results to their available bandwidth, and increased support for all major file formats including RealVideo, Quicktime, Windows Media, MPEG, AVI, MP3, and many others. Scour.Net also announces that it plans to support Microsoft's new format for digital music, MS Audio 4.0.

Update: Scour.Net is no longer live.

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