Science & Spirit Magazine to Hit Bookstores

Posted on April 23, 1999

Ingram Periodicals has announced they will distribute the magazine, Science & Spirit, across the U.S. and Canada to over 500 bookstores. The magazine, launched just over a year ago, will be tested in several key markets in area Barnes & Noble, B. Dalton, Little Professor, and Borders bookstores.

"There is an explosion in popular interest in how these two powerful cultural forces in our society, science and spirituality, can work together to solve the world's problems," said Kevin Sharpe, editor of Science and Spirit. "The integration of science and spirit is essential for our social health, for individuals and for society."

Science & Spirit's editorial content covers a variety of areas where science and religion can jointly impact society, including genetics and ethics, forgiveness research, environment, spirituality and health, and cosmology. Having found a definite niche, international magazine readership has grown from a few thousand in late 1997 to now more than 40,000 in 80 countries.

Science & Spirit is published five times a year by Science & Spirit Resources, Inc., a registered nonprofit corporation. A companion website offers research news updates, extensive book listings and reviews, an international calendar of events, and a free sample issue. Sample issues and subscriptions are also available by calling +1-603-226-3328 (outside the US) or 800-782-3235.