Launches New Health & Body Site

Posted on April 15, 1999, formerly known as Salon Magazine, has announced the launch of Health & Body, a daily site covering health issues ranging from biomedical ethics to alternative medicine and fitness. Salon's new health site is being sponsored by, the official website of Dr. C. Everett Koop, the former U.S. Surgeon General. The partnership will provide Salon readers access to's health content.

"We are delighted to be associated with," says David Talbot, Salon's editor in chief, CEO and founder. " is the best provider of health information on the Web today. We could not imagine a better partnership."

"Salon is known for its loyal community of information-seeking consumers. is pleased to provide trusted health information for their users to help them better manage their health," said Donald Hackett, president and CEO of

Salon's new Health & Body site will feature writing from top contributors to the health field: Correspondent Arthur Allen has written about science and for the Washington Post. Correspondent Sally Lehrman specializes in medical technology and has written for Health and Nature magazines. Columnist Mary Roach will offer her witty take on current health issues. The site will also feature Health Log, daily short news pieces, an interactive Life and Death Stories department where readers can share their stories, and DUH!, a regular feature on "startling" medical studies that discover the obvious.

Says Karen Croft, editor of the new site, "Salon's Health & Body site will do what no other health site or magazine does: combine aggressive reporting, intelligent and fearless commentary and literary writing to make a compelling daily package of health-related journalism.