Serves the Best in Online Restaurant News

Posted on May 7, 1999, part of the growing Restaurant Management Resources Network of sites, lays out a buffet-style selection of real-life content for online restaurant professionals. Instead of the usual dry, business-like demeanor, delivers industry news from a "Real Restaurants, Real Stories" angle, revealing what real-life operators are experiencing as a part of day-to-day business.

"These are real people, struggling with real challenges in their operations," site-owner Troy Brackett said. "This is what the Internet's all about, providing information that people can use."

As someone who has been in food service for close to eighteen years, one of the first things Brackett did when he first went online back in 1995 was to search out as much information as he could possibly find about the restaurant industry. At that time, there were already many restaurant websites to browse, but very little information that was actually focused on the needs of restaurant owners and operators. In an effort to fill that void, he created his own website.

Brackett now edits and maintains one of the Internet's oldest websites designed specifically for restaurant owners and operators, Restaurant Management Resources. As a one-man company, he also produces and distributes free e-mail newsletters which currently reach restaurant professionals worldwide. But times change, and growth is inevitable.

"Since I first took this idea online back in 1995, the goal was to become the essential resource for online restaurant professionals," Troy Brackett says. "What began as one website has now grown into The Restaurant Management Resources Network, a string of sites which focus on different aspects of the industry."