Website Relaunches

Posted on August 30, 1999, Inc., has announced the re-launch of its website. is a resource for facts on the internet containing links to factual information on numerous subjects. receives nearly a million visits per month. The creator of Refdesk is Bob Drudge, a social worker from Maryland. Bob is the father of Matt Drudge, the author of the Drudge Report and the host of radio and TV shows.

The layout of was overhauled to make the organization clear and many sections were removed to make navigation easy. The most popular sections were moved to the home page and several steps were taken to make the site load quickly. Bob says, “We worked with web pros to make it clear and easy to understand. It was a major effort, but worth it, as our users greatly prefer the new site to the old.”

Bob adds, “The net is filled with an stunning variety of useful factual information. Students, journalists, business people, researchers, in fact, everyone can benefit from all this free information. But it is difficult to find the good stuff amongst the chaos of all the silly and irrelevant sites. I have spent five years seeking and organizing just the good stuff. The result is”

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