Launches Online Movie Guide

Posted on June 1, 1999, an online movie store, has unveiled "In Theaters Now," an online movie guide designed to give movie lovers access to information on films currently in theatrical release. "In Theaters Now" offers full-length movie reviews, editorial features, interviews with directors and actors, and the latest box office numbers.

"In Theaters Now is an indispensable tool for movie-goers," said Jeff Jordan, CEO of "Similar to our movie overview pages -- which are designed to aid in the discovery and purchase of DVD and VHS titles -- this new section helps movie goers match his or her taste to movies currently playing or coming soon to theaters. The new section expands on's commitment to being a leading online movie destination for both content and commerce."

These pages include "Reel Snapshots," which are 30-word descriptions crafted to explain who would like the movie and why; and "Movie at a Glance." a chart that scores the movie's basic elements such as its level of suspense, violence, and action. The "Overview" pages also deliver "Movie Matches." a listing of films that the editors would recommend to people who liked the movie selected.

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