Reader's Digest Launches New Magazine for Young Parents

Posted on May 17, 1999

Reader's Digest has launched a new magazine that offers insight and emotional support as well as expert advice for young parents. Reader's Digest Your Family tackles topics of interest to anyone with kids, but the focus is on infants through children age 6 -- and on handling the many challenges these youngsters present. "These early years are when young parents most need advice and reassurance," said Anne Cutler, publishing director for Reader's Digest Special Interest Publications.

The full-size, 112-page magazine debuts this week at newsstands, supermarkets and mass merchandisers nationwide, including the Barnes & Noble bookstore chain. About 500,000 copies will go on sale through July, at $3.95.

"We've provided more than just a 'how-to' book," explained Stephanie Wood, editorial director for Your Family. "We want to give parents more depth, more candor and more empathy -- the feeling that you're talking with a trusted friend, someone who knows just what you're going through."

The editorial market is packed with parenting advice, Wood admits, but much of it is dry, nuts-and-bolts pronouncements from pediatricians and psychologists. "Those are important voices, but they're not the only voices. And not all families fit into their mold."

If readers also respond, Cutler added, Your Family could soon be appearing on a regular basis, perhaps quarterly. "Parents who have seen it so far love it. Just like its own parent, Reader's Digest magazine, it's entertaining and inspiring as well as informative."