Publishing Executives Join's eMatter

Posted on November 8, 1999 has announced two publishing veterans have joined the team working on eMatter. The company has appointed Ina Gottinger as senior director of eMatter market development and Umberto Tosi as managing editor for the eMatter initiative. eMatter allows authors and publishers to publish and sell their works online.

Gottinger, an 11-year veteran of the publishing industry, is responsible for eMatter content acquisition and marketing. She will lead the charge to acquire and market content from authors, industry experts and publishers. Previously, Gottinger was director of online marketing and business development at Simon & Schuster.

"I have been intrigued by's approach to develop a new content distribution model that markets each author's books to the appropriate readers in the best possible way and I am excited to begin my mission of extending their leadership through the eMatter initiative," said Gottinger.

As managing editor for the eMatter initiative, Tosi will lead the editorial team and oversee all eMatter content. This role includes managing reviews, news and features as well as promotion of both individual content and authors as they publish their work as eMatter documents.

"Fatbrain's eMatter opens up the distribution of written words like nothing else since Gutenberg. It allows authors to deliver their words directly to readers over the Internet. Digital delivery gives writers unlimited access to their readers and vice versa. Moreover, readers can get what they want instantly, in print, on paper, and legible at leisure," adds Tosi. "This is a quantum leap in the bandwidth and carrying capacity of today's conventional publishing channels. It will allow a new and unprecedented richness of material to reach the reading public. I'm truly awed and excited to be taking some small part in this endeavor."