Launches Online Magazine for Personal Privacy

Posted on November 12, 1999

PrivacyPlace is a new online magazine, which includes news, opinions, advice, a forum for readers, an archive of articles on privacy, and a marketplace that recommends products and services available for protecting privacy. Future content includes product and book reviews, a developer's corner, and guides to encrypting e-mail and surfing the web anonymously.

PrivacyPlace Editor Tom Maddox is a science fiction writer, screenplay writer (he has written two X Files scripts with coauthor William Gibson), journalist, and essayist. Maddox says PrivacyPlace aims to combine the creativity of a talented team of writers with the power of the Internet to create a publication that is lively, funny, insightful, and ultimately useful for anyone concerned with personal privacy. His credo: "We believe in the power of each of us to fight in our own lives for our privacy and in the social power of concerted action."

Regular columnists for PrivacyPlace include Mike Godwin, former legal counsel for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Jacques Francoeur, CEO of The Privacy Gateway and expert in international privacy issues. In the first issue, special contributor George Smith, editor of Crypt News and longtime debunker of government myths about cryptography, writes about the Moonlight Maze -- the Russian infowar attack that never was.

PrivacyPlace is owned and operated by Lumeria Inc. Lumeria was founded in 1997 by former computer journalist and industry analyst Fred Davis to provide technology solutions for the personal management of information and knowledge. Fred Davis is also the Editor-in-Chief of PrivacyPlace. The publisher of PrivacyPlace is Colette McMullen, who also serves as Lumeria's VP of Sales and Marketing. Before joining Lumeria, McMullen was Group Publisher of IDG's Web Publishing group.